Thanks to our sponsors


Where is FCN working?

The activities of FCN are in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India.

What percentage of sponsorship money goes for administration costs?

FCN spends less than 10% for administration, sponsorship/foundation management and fund raising.

Does sponsorship money go to my sponsored individual directly?

We have mainly two types of programs:

» Hostel based (boarding home): In this program children come from different villages and are provided with education, food, clothing, medical care and housing.

» Student based: In this program disbursement of funds is made directly to the students account. FCN staff and social workers guide them to use the funds properly.

How far does my sponsorship money go?

The US dollar goes ten times further in India. This translates to greater purchasing power.

Can I send gifts?

Please click here to see FCN gift policy.

Who writes the letters?

The children/students write the letters in TELUGU, a local language or in English. The letters written in Telugu are translated into English and are sent to the sponsors. The FCN staff, social workers and teachers assist them in writing letters. Since most of the elderly are illiterate, the care taker writes on their behalf.

Can sponsors write letters?

You are welcome to write letters to your sponsored. We encourage you to keep in touch with your sponsored. You are welcome to send photos and greeting cards. Click here for more details.

Can sponsors write whenever possible and more than one letter?

You are welcome to write whenever you can or more than once. But in view of many sponsored individuals who do not get any letters from their sponsors and being sensitive to those individuals, it is fair to send one  letter a year.

Can sponsors send email letters to the sponsored individuals?

Yes. You are welcome to send an email letter. We will forward it to your sponsored individual just like letters and greetings cards. A reply will be included in the annual/Christmas letter. Please send your email to: or

Can I visit my sponsored individual?

Yes. You are welcome to visit your sponsored individual. Please e-mail Tom or Geetha of your plans in advance so that proper arrangements can be made for your visit. We also encourage you to visit the projects of FCN and other tourist spots. Visiting India will be an experience to last a lifetime. Please continue to check our website for trips that we organize each year and the views of the sponsors who have visited India and FCN projects. Click here for News.

How many letters do we get from our sponsored individual?

For fifteen years sponsors received two letters from their sponsored individual, during summer and at Christmas. We thank all our sponsors for helping our needy children and college students. We are forever grateful to you. Some of the sponsors who had the opportunity of visiting the FCN projects over the years were very much impressed the way that FCN is organizing the sponsorship program. Our sponsored children/students take it very seriously to write letters to their sponsors. It is a laborious work for our project coordinators and office staff. Translating letters from Telugu, our local language to English is another big task. We spend more than two months to gather 2500 letters from 25 projects each time. We put in lot of effort to get good letters.

We have appealed to many sponsors with a request that we will be able to send one letter each Christmas/New Year in the future with a new photo. They have gladly accepted and welcomed our request. So from now on we will be sending one letter from your sponsored individual for Christmas and New Year and FCN News letter in the summer. This will help us to dedicate more of our time and energies to many demanding needs. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

Kindly click here to know more about FCN Sponsorship Program.

How long will my child/student be in the sponsorship program?

The purpose of the sponsorship program is to build a relationship between the sponsor and the child/student and to provide financial assistance so that they can continue their education. Hence a child/student will stay in the sponsorship program as long as they are studying. We encourage sponsors to continue to support them for the duration of their studies.

What should I do if I am not able to continue to send sponsorship donations?

If for any reason, you are not able to continue in the sponsorship program, please kindly inform us as soon as possible so that we can look for another sponsor. This way, your sponsored individual will continue to receive the benefits of sponsorship.

When does a child/student retire from the sponsorship program?

»When a student graduates.

»When a child receives a scholarship.

»When the financial situation of the parent(s) improves.

»When a child/student goes to a location outside of the program area and FCN staff cannot provide the sponsorship benefits and oversee the education of a particular child/student.

»When a student discontinues studies.