how to help

How To Help


The FCN founders, the board of directors and volunteers believe in the power of prayer.We invite you to pray for us so that God will continue to bless us in our ministry of reaching to the poor in the villages of India. All our children/students/elderly pray each day for the sponsors and donors and well-wishers of FCN.

Be a Sponsor:

Sponsorship is the most direct way that you can help someone in need.It is a relationship of mutual respect. There are many waiting to be sponsored.You are welcome to sponsor a child, a teenager or an elderly Person.To learn more about this program

To learn more about this program,click here.

Be a Donor:

To learn more about this program.

click here to see the ongoing projects of FCN.

Be a Fund raiser:

To raise funds for the needy and to be part of a worthy cause is uplifting. You can participate in various ways. FCN is looking for volunteers who would help raise money. Your donations will be used for various projects of FCN.

Here are some examples:

“Jeans Day”

I had a “Jeans Day” fundraiser where I am employed. Employees pay $3.00 to wear jeans on Friday and my employer matches whatever is collected. It’s a great way to help a worthy organization like FCN to replenish supplies for their schools or to help provide assistance to those children who do not yet have sponsors. Linda Jankowski, Brillion, WI.

Please click here for more details.

“Change for Change”

In November 2005 Tom and Geetha were presented a check for over $ 400 collected in the campaign called “Change for Change”. This collection was spear-headed by two students of St. James Junior High school in Arlington Heights, IL. All the students brought in their change to bring about change for the poor and needy in India. With this money Tom and Geetha were able to provide a young girl with epilepsy treatment for one year, purchase clothing for two young girls who lost their parents in the recent years and provide assistance to a number of families affected by floods. They also shared pictures and stories of how the St. James students had helped so many people in India.

Your thoughtfulness, an act of kindness and efforts to organize it can go a long way.

“Benefit dinner”

Invite your family and friends for a benefit dinner.

Spread the word about FCN:

Please tell your family and friends about FCN. Share the DVD with others. Use it as an educational tool, especially for children and young adults.

Remember FCN in your Estate Planning:

Please, remember FCN in your estate planning. Kindly, inform us of your decision. Your generous donation will enable FCN to reach out to thousands of needy in the interior villages of India in providing educational opportunities, health care and training.

We invite you to donate your airline miles to the Foundation for Children in Need. Traveling to India to supervise the projects and traveling in the US to make mission appeals is expensive. The generous donation of your airline miles to purchase international or domestic tickets will greatly reduce FCN’s travel expenses.

The number of miles needed to purchase a ticket for international or domestic flights varies with different airlines. Please check with the airlines to see if you can help us with the needed miles. Please note that the miles cannot be donated partially but must be donated in full for each international or domestic ticket.

If you are able to help email us at ; or phone: 847-670-1145

Tom and Geetha.