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Sponsorship donations are calculated from the month you receive the photo and family background of your sponsored individual. For this reason, we request that you send your donation as soon as you receive this information. Delayed donations mean valuable staff time lost on reminder e-mails, letters and phone calls.

You will receive an email/letter reminder one month before your donation is up for renewal. If your payment is late, you will receive an email/letter reminder 45 days past due.

You will receive a final e-mail/letter for the delayed payment after three months to determine if you want to continue your sponsorship support.

We can keep our administrative costs low if you send your donation promptly. We cannot organize a sponsorship program if we do not receive your donation on time. Please inform us in advance if you can not continue your sponsorship. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Call FCN Office:  847-670-1145

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