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We are very grateful to all the sponsors who help us to reach out to the many needy in the villages. You are a blessing to us and to our children. We want to make sure your donation will have the greatest impact in serving your sponsored individual.

It will assist us greatly in reducing bookkeeping and record maintenance if you could send in your sponsorship donation annually or semi-annually. If this is not possible, we welcome your donations quarterly. In addition, please make a note of your payment schedule. Our costs are reduced if we do not have to make phone calls or send reminder letters. When you send a donation, please send your check together with the sponsorship payment stub, if possible.

When this is missing, please write the project ID number on the memo line of your check. You will find the ID noted on the letters that you receive from your sponsored individual. For example: PO-0910-G. Or just write "sponsorship". This notation will aid us in processing your check efficiently and quickly.

If you are sponsoring more than one individual, please send all the donation in one check. When you send a check for the gift fund or endowment fund or a general donation for the activities of FCN, kindly add this amount to the sponsorship check. Please note "gift" or "endowment fund" or "general donation" beside the project ID or on a slip of paper. All the checks are processed and tax letters are sent from FCN office in Arlington Heights.

Our Mailing Address is:

P. O. Box 1247,
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1247.

Please send your donations to FCN in Arlington Heights, IL as all the checks are processed and a tax receipt is sent. Kindly do not send checks to India.

Your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive an acknowledgement for your donations as well as a tax receipt in a couple of weeks. If you do not receive one, kindly:

Call FCN Office:  847-670-1145

FCN has coordinated 2000 Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgeries to the Needy Children in the past 9 years.